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  1. What happens when I post an offer to buy? (viewed 7086 times)
  2. Where will I get supplier responses for my buy offer? (viewed 6289 times)
  3. How do I contact “Suppliers”? (viewed 4670 times)
  4. How do I attach more pictures in my replies (viewed 3908 times)
  5. How do I respond to sell offers? (viewed 3711 times)
  6. How do I find the suppliers? (viewed 3702 times)
  7. How do I post my “Buy Offer”? (viewed 3558 times)
  8. How do I find a sell offer (viewed 3521 times)
  9. How will I buy scrap within my country? (viewed 3261 times)
  10. Why can’t I find E-mail address of scrap suppliers? (viewed 3192 times)
  11. How can I edit my buy offer? (viewed 3153 times)
  12. How many buy offers can I post and how long will my offer be shown? (viewed 3136 times)
  13. How do I manage buy alerts (viewed 3126 times)
  14. How do I delete the buy offer? (viewed 2947 times)
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