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Marketing synergies : All our marketing activities focus the client's attention directly on you, No intermediate brokerage no commission no hidden costs.

Effectively : On the Internet, to centralise offers is more efficient than simply to hope users will find your individual Web page. RecycleinMe has built a global presence, users come to us, and joining us is the only way you will increase your sales possibilities in a very competitive market.

Direct contacts : The client will contact you directly adding with our enquiries for specific requirements- the professional touch is in your hands.

High information quality : You can post your machines directly online, and you can also engage in the up-dating, modifying, deleting of the information whenever you need to. The accuracy of the information is in your hands. Your complete stock list is displayed in a printable format which can even be downloaded. the Your log section will give you buyer response enquiries to your Items adding to it every enquiry is routed to your mail box.

Accurate placement : In our detailed database your Items will be placed precisely where it belongs. If your Item belongs to a new category, we will create it for you.

Personal Mailing : This service will allow all your potential clients to receive the information on your Item as soon as it appears online.

Total access to your data : Once you are a RecycleinMe Member, you will be able to view on-screen all your personal data, Items, state of account and your Items.

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