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Question Title How do I find buy offers, buyers and contact them ?

You can either use the search functions  or  can browse by category  to find buy offers and  buyers.


Click the "Selling" tab found on top of the page. 

Then select the appropriate category or subcategory on the left side menu. By default it will display the  Buy Offers for the particular subcategory (Here Scrap Metal). By default you will be shown all the Sell Offers. You can narrow your list by selecting the offers from a desired country  from the drop down menu.

You can also narrow the list by choosing the Premium Offers only or the Basic Offers only. Checking the "Global Offers only" box, will again narrow down the list and only shows international buy offers.

Click on the title of  offer to view more details. If you wish to contact the buyer you can click the  button. You have to be a registered member to respond a Buy Offer. Once you provide your account details, you will be taken to the "My RIM" section. From there you can click the "Continue to last visited page" which will take you to the reply page .   If you have logged into your account earlier you will be taken directly to the reply page where you have to provide your inquiry message, choose your prefered contact method and send the Inquiry. Your Inquiry will be delivered to the buyer  with your company details.

Click on the  Buyers tab to find the suppliers for the any related item. By default you will be shown all the buyers/importers by country. You can narrow the list by selecting buyers from a desired country  by clicking on the country.  Click on the company name to view more details about the company. Use the Inquire now button to contact the buyer. If you are a registered member the forms will be autofilled by the system. All you have to provide is the Inquiry message. If you are not a member you have to fill all the fields in the form and click the "Send" button.


Simple Search:  Just enter the keywords in the search box found at the top of the site, select the "Buy offers" or "Buyers"  and click the "Search" button. You will be provided with the respective buy offers or buyers. Please follow the steps mentioned above to respond to a buy offer or contact a buyer.

Advanced Search: Click the Advanced Search found on the right side of the top menu. Advanced search enables you to search by category, country, price range of your choice. Please follow the steps.
- Select Buy Offers
- Select Category of your choice, If you wish a broader selection leave it at "All - categories"
- Select Country of your Choice, If you wish a broader selection leave it at "All countries"
- Enter Key words and press Search.

Please follow the steps mentioned on top to respond to a buy offer or contact a buyer.

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