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Question Title What is RIM Private Message Board and why should I use it?
RIM Private Message Board is the negotiation desk for you to negotiate, discuss, inform and finalize trade at For any particular offer you can open talks with either a supplier or buyer on the RIM PMB. The messages at RIM PMB are available to only yourself and the buyer or seller you deal with for the particular offer. You will receive a notification email whenever a message is posted on the RIM PMB. The other party will also be notified by e-mail when you have posted a message for him.

We recommend that you use the powerful RIM Private Message Board (RPMB) to serve as a record of your discussions and negotiations that you can refer back to when resolving any misunderstandings that may arise.  This log of your agreements and activity also provides valuable protection if mediation is needed, since we can review and use this information to help with potential disputes that you may not be able to resolve directly.

If you choose to communicate outside, we will not be able to help you resolve potential issues, since such communications cannot be verified.

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