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Question Title How do I list/add a product for sale?
Adding a product is very simple and easy –

Step: 1

Log into your account.

Step: (2a)

Click “Add Product” link on the left menu under the title “my products” in My RIM section.

Step: (2b)

Click the “Products” tab on the top menu of the page in My RIM section and you will reach the next page where you have to press “add product” link on the left menu under the title “selling tools” (ss).

Step: (3a)

Choose your convenient offer type (normal offer or hot offer) (ss)
Credits will be charged as under mentioned –

         Normal offer: -5credits

         Hot offer: - 9credits

Step: (3b)

Pick any one of the scrap category (General, paper, plastic, rubber) from the drop down menu and wait for the page to refresh. (ss of the full add product form)

Step: (3c)

From the sub-category, choose an appropriate category in the drop down menu with reference to the above picked scrap category.

Step: (3d)

Provide a specific inner category for the product.

Step: (3e)

Mention a relevant ‘product title’

Step: (3f)

You can attract more business by displaying videos about product. Enter the video ‘embed code’ in the space provided.

Note: :( Only if you are posting a hot offer, you can add video)

Step: (3g)

Provide accurate details with a detailed description of product, its Dimension, Price, Payment conditions etc. If you export the product, tick the check box.

Step: (3h)

You can also leave the ‘Price’ field blank for "PRICE ON REQUEST" ( POR)

Step: (3i)

Hit “Next” and you will be taken to the next page.

Step: (3j)

You can also upload image for your product by clicking Upload Image link.

Step: (3k)

Browse the image and click “Upload image” button. (ss)

Note: For “Hot offer” five images can be uploaded and for “Normal offer” only one image can be uploaded. The file types accepted are: jpg & gif

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