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Question Title How to set up Live Chat at RIM
Setting Up Live Chat At RIM

RecycleinME now facilitates contacting scrap traders with the help of Live Messenger (Click here to download Live Messenger). Setting up live messenger facility at RIM is pretty simple so that any no-vice computer user can do that with ease. Just Follow the simple instruction given below:

Step 1
Once you login to RIM, you will be directed to “My RIM” as usual. The new live messenger feature is made available there. Now you should click on the Try Now button that will be similar to the rounded portion in the image below.

Step 2
On the second page, you will have two options:
(a) If you already have a live id, you can login with the existing account
(b) If you are new to Live Messenger, you can sign up for a live id at this point.

Follow the onscreen instruction and complete the sign up.

Step 3
You are on the final stage of the setup process. All you have to do here is to mark the check box that will be similar to the one shown in the image below. Once the box is checked, you have to accept the privacy policy by clicking the “I Accept” Button same as the one shown in the picture below.

“Your communication gateway through Live Messenger at RIM is now ready to use”
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