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Question Title Why is Trade Alerts so vital?

Trade Alerts section is the most vital section in generating business leads. It deternines the listing of your company in the Buyer/Supplier directory.  You will receive business leads based on the Trade Alert Selections. You should be very selective and carefull while adding the Items to sell. 

Your company will be placed in the respective buyer/supplier directory for the Items you choose. The Unique and most Important service we offer is based on your selection. You will receive business leads from buyers to only the Items you have selected.  You will receive buyer requirements based on this selection.

The "Trade Alerts" determine the fact that you are an exporter/importer or a local trader.  

If you choose the first option you will be classified as an importer/exporter and will receive buyer requirements from international buyers.
If you choose the second option you will be classified as a local trader and will receive buyer requirements from local buyers.
If you choose the third option you will not receive any buyer requirements.

The success of your membership at RIM is entirely dependent on the selection Trade Alerts.

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