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Question Title How do I post my “Buy Offer”?
“Buy offer” is a request for quote from suppliers and dealers all over the world. You are inviting the suppliers to quote for your requirements.

Posting a “Buy offer” is simple & easy!

Here we go -

Step: 1       

Log in your account at and enter your RIM username and password.

Step: 2               

Successful login will redirect you to the “My RIM” section. Click “Post Buy Offer” in the left menu under the title “my Buying”.

Step: 3

The buy offer form will be displayed in which you have to fill the following details,

(3a) Choose your convenient offer type (normal offer or hot offer)

Credits will be charged as under mentioned –

         Normal offer: -5credits

         Hot offer: - 9credits

Note: Hot offers will have TOP Priority in the offer listing.

(3b) Pick any one of the scrap category (General, paper, plastic, rubber) from the drop down menu. E.g.: Plastic

(3c) From the sub-category, choose an appropriate category in the drop down menu with reference to the above picked scrap category. E.g. PET.

Note:  If you are unable to find a match in the subcategory, select “OTHER” option from the drop down menu. Another text box will open (as shown in screen shot). Enter the type of scrap in the text box. (E.g. Plastic Regrind)

(3d) Mention the ISRI specification in the respective space provided (optional).

(3e) Specify the relevant offer title (e.g. We Buy PET Scrap in bulk)

(3f) Describe your requirement briefly in the text box. (Minimum 30 characters)

(3g) Select whether you would like to buy from local markets or international markets.

(3h) On activating the SMS alert option, you will receive SMS alerts on your mobile for your buy offer which will make your buying quick and easy.

Step-by-step seence to activate the SMS alert

Step: A   

To receive SMS alerts, press “Add your mobile number” button to add your number.

Step: B   

By clicking the above mentioned button, you will reach a page where you have to enter your mobile number with country code (E.g. 919944028353) and click “update”.

Step: C  

You will receive a SMS from us within 15minutes on your mobile with a 4 digit confirmation code.

Step: D   

Enter the 4-digit confirmation code (E.g. 8556) and click “Activate”.

Now you will be eligible to receive SMS alerts for your buy offers.

(3i) Hit “Next” and you will be taken to the preview of the page with all the details entered by you.

(3j) Check the details entered by you and click “POST”.

We will receive your buy offer. After reviewing your buy offer it will be available for the suppliers.

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