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Question Title How do I respond to sell offers?
When the search for suppliers as explained in “How do I find sell offers”? is completed; you will be displayed with a list of sell offers with offer details and supplier’s contact information.

You can contact the supplier by any of the following methods

(i) Respond through the private contact form

Step: 1 
Click the “Contact Supplier” button

Step: 2
You will be directed to the “Send Inquiry” form.

Step: 3
RIM members click the “Login Now” link and log into your account. (If you have not logged in)

Step: 4
Non-RIM members can register by clicking the “Become a member” link.

Step: 5
Type the message to the supplier. (Write a message about your requirement, price details and other information that you wish to ask the supplier).

Step: 6
The contact information will be filled automatically, once when you log into your RIM account.

Step: 7
Select the preferred method of contact (Email, phone, fax or snail mail).

Step: 8
You can also get a copy of the message to your inbox by selecting the “Send a copy of this inquiry to my email address” option if you like to see how the actual message would look like.

Step: 9
Hit send

(ii) Responding with SMS

Step: 1
Click “Send SMS” button.

A pop up window will open up where you have to provide the following details -

Name “Max 10 characters”


Your Mobile number with Country code for e.g.: 446969696976

Text message with a minimum of 15 characters and max 80 characters.

Press the Send button and the response is done.

(iii) By online chat (Windows Live Messenger)

RIM provides an opportunity for you to instantly respond to the supplier. You can send instant messages to suppliers if they are online. The messenger Icon would be green if supplier is online.

Step: 1
Click the messenger Icon.

Step: 2      

Enter your RIM Username and Password.

Step: 3           

A popup window will open where you can chat with the supplier.

“Even if you do not have a MSN IM account, you can still chat with the supplier as a visitor”

MSN messenger is free and easy to install. We strongly recommend you download the free messenger here and install it for better and quick communication.

(iv)By Telephone

In the contact details you can see the contact numbers of suppliers. This makes it easy for you to contact the suppliers and strengthen the business. This mode of communication is the most preferred communication by people. Moreover contacting over telephone will make sure that you are dealing with an authentic supplier.                                                                                                    

(v)Inquiry Basket

Inquiry basket comes into play when you have a same inquiry to multiple suppliers. 

This is how inquiry basket helps you

Once when you have completed the search for sell offers, you will be displayed the list of the same.

Step: 1 
Select the sell offers yourself one-by-one which you wish to inquire or use the “select all” option.

Step: 2       
After selecting the suppliers, click “Add to basket” button. Now, all your selections would be added to the inquiry basket.

Step: 3 
Click the “inquiry basket” button, towards the extreme top of the page.

Step: 4

You would be taken to the inquiry basket page where you can find all the selected sell offers

Step: 5

Click the "Inquire Now" button to take you to the inquiry form.

Step: 6

Type the inquiry message in the form along with choosing your preferred method of contact (Email, phone, fax or snail mail). Now your inquiry is all set to go.

You can also get a copy of the message to your inbox by selecting the “Send a copy of this  inquiry to my email address” option if you like to see how the actual message would look like.

Step: 7
Hit send.

Important note:

To avoid spamming there are certain limitations for bulk inquiries: Ultimate and Premium members can send 80 inquires per day but it should be sent in two lots (40 at a time). Basic members can send 40 inquires per day.

Items added to the Inquiry Basket are session sensitive. i.e. all the items added to the Inquiry Basket will be flushed off when you close the browser or log off the site. So send your inquiries as soon as you finish adding the Offers/Inquiries.

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